A Vision for the Future

Tim Stead’s house is in itself a work of art and the supreme example of Stead’s work. Its relatively modest exterior does not prepare the visitor for the extraordinary interior. It was an ongoing project that he continued to work on from the day he bought it until he became too ill to work.

Follow this link to see images of the house

Stead’s furniture is widely known and his distinctive style has had a strong influence on many other furniture makers and sculptors. His furniture ranges from relatively conventional pieces to massive sculptural items, some integrated into the house; the boundary between furniture and sculpture is not always an easy one to draw.

His later sculpture explored a sense of architecture and space and much of it was done in conjuction with photography. These pieces will benefit from correct lighting to display them to best advantage.

The archive includes some of his major works along with examples of work in progress, sketchbooks, photography and poetry.

In the words of Tim’s widow, Maggy Stead, ‘what matters is to have a home for the archives, the collection of furniture and sculptures; that this collection should be available to the public to see, be inspired, to use for research and teaching purposes.’

Our vision is to produce much more than a museum.

We want to create a dynamic series of spaces within the existing house and surrounding steading that reflects the style and wide variety of community interests that Tim Stead was involved with in his short life. However, the core of the whole project is the preservation of Stead’s house and work.

Our aim is to repair the fabric of the building where necessary and, without compromising the unique interior more than absolutley necessary, make it accessible to visitors.