A brilliant end to 2020

How wonderful to end this year on an upbeat note. Despite our setback in the autumn, we are thrilled that The Steading has inspired so much, and such generous, support. We have always believed in a vibrant future for The Steading and it seems that others share our vision. Since the last update a fortnight ago, we have had four more substantial private donations, and so we end the year having achieved, in less than six weeks, well over 80% of our target to buy The Steading.

We will launch our crowd-funder in January for a big push to tie up this first, crucial, phase of our project: to save The Steading from going onto the open market. After that we will have some essential repairs to see to, and after that of course, we need to start preparing the buildings for their exciting new future, so we will be fund-raising for some time to come. When the crowd-funder goes live, I warn you that we will be hounding you mercilessly to spread the word for us and we are looking forward to having an incredibly good story to tell in 2021. So please have a think about people you know who would be interested in seeing The Steading thrive once more.

A Happy New Year to you all, and thank you so much for your support,

Nichola Fletcher,

Chair The Tim Stead Trust