The home stretch

We are very excited that, all of a sudden, we received enough substantial donations to be able to launch our crowd-funder. It is extraordinary that in less than two months we have raised all but £19,500 needed to purchase The Steading. We’re aware that you have already supported us generously and are now asking you to spread the word for us. (I think I called it hounding you mercilessly last time.) Here’s the link to send out to all your friends and social media contacts so that we can finish this off. By the way there’s a lovely little 7-minute film with some archive footage of Tim himself:

Every pound that’s given will be match-funded by our major benefactor. But we’re not going to stop at that target because we want to make maximum use of his matched funding to also complete the essential restorations needed to preserve our precious treasure once we’ve bought it.

We are tremendously grateful to you all for helping us to get this far. And we’re well aware that some of you have been supporting us for years as Friends of the Trust. Without you we would never have got to this point, so we do want to acknowledge that.

Well done, everybody!