The Tim Stead Trust has a new director

We’re all very excited up/down/across here at the Trust because earlier this month we welcomed our very first employee – Tavienne Bridgwater – to be our Director at The Steading. Here she is, looking suitably directorial sitting in Tim’s amazing King’s chair – part of his skeletal series. We had some very good candidates to interview, but Tavienne wowed us with her mixture of enthusiasm for everything to do with Tim, coupled with a sound grasp of what needs to be done in order to get where we want to be.

She’s had to hit the ground running as there is so much to do. She’s already out visiting people and organisations with whom we can work in future partnerships, exhibitions and other activities, as well as preparing an inventory of The Steading so that we can offer more organised visits from supporters and members of the public, and also a programme of educational and inspirational visits. This is no mean task, since Maggy left The Steading to us as a complete family home, with books, pictures, ornaments and other artworks large and small.

We are immensely grateful to The William Grant Foundation for its encouraging support plus a substantial contribution to employing Tavienne.

We also remain grateful to The Architectural Heritage Fund for funding our Project Viability Report which, amongst many other things, is proving hugely helpful as the basis for Tavienne’s immediate and medium-term direction. At times it can seem as though there are so many things clamouring for attention that it can seem hard to keep one’s focus