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Scotland has no Centre for Wood Culture and we believe that The Steading is the perfect location at which to establish such a resource. We recognise that the unique value of The Steading is its potential as the inspirational centrepiece for education, training, and leisure activities and as a special location for community initiatives with the environment at their heart.

We have looked to similar initiatives both in Scotland and in other parts of the UK and developed an indicative plan that builds on the business models that are successful elsewhere and that extend our pool of potential partners and funders. These include The Woodland Skills Centre in North Wales, Cove Park in Helensburgh and Dumfries House in Ayrshire.

The Tim Stead Centre for Wood Culture will offer education, training and leisure experiences in four key areas: art, wood, environment, and well-being with the guiding principle being Tim Stead’s profound understanding of humanity’s instinctive and archetypal need for tactile expression and aesthetic enrichment using natural materials.

Our ultimate vision for the Centre moves the visitor away from a passive engagement with the house and collection towards an active relationship in which doing, learning, creating and making come to the fore. We see our four thematic activity areas (art, wood, environment and well-being) as opportunities to expand our reach into four sectors (arts and creative industries; woodworking, joinery and the
building industry; environment and sustainability; and wellbeing, health and leisure) that can each offer funding sources, partnerships and co-delivery potential.