The Future of The Steading

We recognise that the unique value of The Steading is its potential as the inspirational centrepiece where we can celebrate and tell the story of Tim Stead to encourage people of all ages to understand and appreciate the significance of his life and work and as a special location for community initiatives with the environment at their heart.

The Steading will offer education, activities and experiences in areas such as creativity (art, craft, poetry) and environment (wood and woodlands) with the guiding principle being Tim Stead’s profound understanding of humanity’s instinctive and archetypal need for tactile expression and aesthetic enrichment using natural materials. Or as Tim might have put it – wood comes from trees and everyone should be able to spend more time with trees.

Our ultimate vision for The Steading moves the visitor away from a passive engagement with the house and collection towards an active relationship in which doing, learning, creating and making come to the fore.

We aim to build new audiences by offering a breadth of cultural and participatory experiences and opportunities for local people and wider communities of interest.

We see our thematic activity areas as opportunities to work with other organisations and groups in diverse sectors that can each offer funding sources, partnerships and co-delivery potential.

The project to deliver this future vision will be undertaken in a phased approach beginning with the urgent acquisition and repair of The Steading and transfer of ownership of the Tim Stead Archive and Collection to the Tim Stead Trust.

Timeline of proposed activities

Summer 2021

Complete purchase of The Steading

Following a very successful fundraising campaign the Tim Stead Trust has raised enough to buy The Steading.

Acquisition of the Archive and Collection

Following the Trust’s purchase of The Steading , the Archive (comprising Tim Stead’s sketchbooks, diaries, videos, photography, poetry, and other paper-based and computer-based items) and the Collection (20 major pieces of furniture and sculpture and smaller pieces of sculpture and works in progress) will be donated to The Tim Stead Trust by Maggy Stead.

Summer 2021
Summer 2021

Commence essential repairs

The fabric of the buildings requires urgent repairs which need to be done without delay. An architect’s survey and drawings were undertaken by Benjamin Tindall Architects, and QS figures for repairs by Morham + Brotchie, and an allowance has been made for these repairs.

Planning for the future

A focus of 2021 will be the development of an initial programme of events for 2022 that makes full use of the synergies and expertise available across our community of partners who are keen to work with us.

Autumn 2021 and beyond

Launch of our events programme

A key ambition is to engage with people and bring Tim Stead’s work and ideas to the fore in a variety of different ways. Although we are committed to making access to The Steading available to visitors we also recognise that supporting The Steading through an active programme of creative, educational and leisure activities is far more meaningful addition to Tim Stead’s vision and legacy.